Monday, September 27, 2010

Seven Coats!

I mentioned this polish in a previous post: I was using it as a base coat for other polish swatches. It did a nice job because it was sticky, and it lightened - ever so slightly - my stained nails.

As I was doing some swatches, I started looking a little closer at it and though what a beautiful nude this would be!
So, I started a manicure trying to see if it would build: It took seven coats to really satisfy me. Perhaps if my nails were a wee bit less stained, I would be all over the notion of leaving some visible nail line, but lightening my nails is another blog entry, perhaps late winter when I am probably going to want to think about spring polishes and even a french manicure! Dunh....dunh....dunh!

Here is Sally Hansen's Cafe Au Lait:


A pretty nude that seems to want to be there but takes a lot of coaxing. I think once this one goes, I won't mourn its loss, it just takes too many coats for any sort of payoff. These older polishes have some sort of solvents that make them so watery - and not a little stink-a-rooni - that it can be hard if their isn't enough pigment. I've had some that have great payoff, this one, though, not a winner.

Kind of a shame. I will need to rustle through the nude collection to see what's what, as they do come in handy for some sheers, neons, jellies and just layering.

Thank you for reading my nekkid nail polish journal!


  1. 7 coats, no way I would have gotten past way! I applaud you in your efforts!

    The finished product looks nice :)

  2. I know, nuts, huh?
    I need to find a version of this color that has more coverage, I kind of like it.

  3. Wowza!!! How long did it take to dry? It's a pretty nude though.

  4. The new Cafe au Lait (Complete Salon) is much better behaved. I don't have the attention span for that many coats, for sure--not of the same color, anyway.

  5. MMM, actually it dried pretty quickly. Which was a total surprise!

    KD: Oh, I might try to round that one up. :D

  6. Not for me. The most I'll do is 3. It's a nice color though.


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