Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Changeable Blue

Maybelline Matte Blue, found in a Dollar Tree, and I've seen it still around here and there.

This one needed about 10 drops of Poshe' nail polish thinner, this helped immensely!

Apologies for the application! I'd had a lot going on that day and I was nervous and the brush seemed to be unsmooth at the bottom, like if flared out.
Matte finish here is subtle, much more like a satin and less shimmery particles. I mean, could this be a "matte frost"? Hmmm.

The next day I put on a top coat.

Here are a couple of indoor shots:

In the shade indoors it seemed to get darker.
Under indoor lighting like tungsten and fluorescent, it almost turned gray.

Quite a changeling! A nice surprise!
Felt more like autumn.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I think you're right about these being "matte frost" finish--the predecessor to today's matte suedes.

  2. It's funny how these came and went before fans like us even knew about them!
    I even found a "Matte Maker" which is old and yellow, but I might try it! hehe :D

  3. I haven't found any mattes at the Dollar Tree. Interesting matte blue.

  4. Out here in the PNW I've seen them at Dollar Trees, they don't seem to sell.

    A great one is Matte Grape: fantastic puce color! Great for layering, or just a shiny top coat. Not too dark, but definitely says "autumn"


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