Saturday, August 28, 2010

Love Affair - Princessa Martian Jade

My first polish after many years was IsaDora Opal. Then last summer I found OPI Sahara Sapphire and, as I said in my first entry, I flipped over the idea that "normal" colors included blue. (So long had I not paid attention, I figured most of it was variations on pink and red)

One day in Ross I found this 5-pack of Princessas. I grabbed it!

One polish, Martian Jade, seemed too beautiful! I put it on and wore it for a week. To me, it was perfection. I felt like I had the most perfect nails and the best cuticles (well they were probably pretty bad, actually). The feeling is still there. *thrump, thrump, thrump*

I put it on and wore it on an over night trip out of town, so much fun to wear that polish!

Here it is in all it's beauty:

A nearly mirror like finish that has this gorgeous green color. I love it so much.

Wait! There's more!

Three coats.
Dries like a polish should!
Wears like iron.
Well loved. Cosseted. Cuddled. Swooned over.

I wear it once a year, I'm still trying to round up a back up. This is the "polish I grab in case of a fire" nail polish. It's so gorgeous.

Here it is with a couple of top coats!

This is Ulta's Gold Digger. It's a sheer. (why am I so surprised!) It was on sale for 99 cents, so naturally I had to get it.

Here it is with Sally Hansen's (should read "Legendary" in front of it!) Hidden Treasure.

It really is combination of a foil and a chrome. It's got that mirror, but not that dead mirror.

And layered, well, it takes layers very well, indeed!!!

I guess this is the polish that cemented my love of greens. I don't know about all those rare and precious "limited edition" colors that go for $50 and more on eBay, or require you swap your entire Zoya collection to get, but this humble polish make my heart go pitty pat!


Wish it was a more popular brand!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

p.s. Here's a fun update! I went to the  Richon web site and looked for the nail polishes and found none! PANIC!!!
I picked up the phone and spoke to a very wonderful lady named Dawn. She told me they still sell nail polish, but mostly to wholesalers and a lot goes over seas, Ross, ironically, was one of their retail outlets (I am in a remote area, a tidy little Ross that gets some in around the holiday season).
I was telling her how much I loved the polish and she said I could order a bottle if they had it in stock.
Well, I hate to admit it, I got six.
Ha! I know! I could paint something with it!
But, I might just slap it on again in a couple of weeks and bask in it's glory.

Everyone has a "to die for" polish. What is yours? I would love to hear!
Promote it!


  1. I have never heard of the Princessa brand. That is a very pretty green!

  2. I've only ever seen it at Ross, it's obscure, why, I don't know! :)

  3. Yeah, this is my Holy Grail color: perfect green, great application, superb wear and affordable.
    Richon does order over the phone and the gal there was so nice! She put the order together and called me back!

    I swear if I was into sales and stuff, I'd make this brand spank OPI's butt! They are obscure, but cool.

  4. I just picked up a few polishes by this brand today at my local grocery/drug store and was trying to find out more about them online but can't find anything/ My search led me here (Martian Jade is one of the colors I snagged- and they were only $1 each!!!) Can't wait to see how this looks IRL. Thanks for posting about it!


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