Monday, May 3, 2010

Opulent Green - It's Franken Time Again!

I had a bottle of Sally Hansen "Apricot" from the Dollar Tree. A very diluted frost. So diluted that it was transparent when applied.
What to do?
First I took a bright seafoam green from Maybelline eyeshadow "Duos" called "Sea Glass" and crushed it up, there also was a darker version on the palette. A lot of the palettes went into it.
Then I dumped about 1/2 teaspoon of TBK Trading's "Travel to Pluto." Oh my. So much frostiness!
I then began to dump in things like WetnWild's Blackest Green, Morbid, and some WetnWild Black Creme. Wow the frost sopped it up. I also put in some navy, some Sally Hansen Pacific Blue and had a murky gray franken mess.
So I added some more greens like Zoya "Irene" and "Envy" to get it out of the blue/gray doldrums.

There's probably so much pigment in that little bottle I can dump some clear in it down the pike and extend it's wear life.

I call it "Opulent Green" because it shifts to gray in indoor light or shade, it pops green in sunlight. The photos get darker when I edit them, so one I fixed a bit so you could see it.

I love this franken! To me it is a 100% success like the grayed out periwinkle I made.



(this is more green, but the photo editing seems to drop out the color)

(here you can see the shift to gray!)

I was so excited I put it over a Borghese spicy rose, which acted like a great base coat.

Thanks for reading my journal!

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