Friday, February 12, 2010

More Layering!

Layering: a treat!
Especially those elusive sheers polishes that start out in the bottle "WOW!" and get on our nail and sputter out.
Creative Nail Design has a whole line dedicated to putting the wow factor back into sheers, they have heavily colored polishes as a base and then some sheers that are varying finishes: pearl, shimmer, etc which you put on as a top layer. Good idea!

Since I have umpteen polishes, and about 1/umpteenth of those are sheers, I better get busy!

I used WetnWild Black Cream, two coats that dried very quickly, and 1 coat of Elle Elle #434. Of course standard top coat: Vinyl Shine DT Score. The base coat was only Borghese Magnetico. I think I went ape and bought 8 bottles at Ross. yoiks.


See how pretty that polish is? Put in on alone and it's just sad. Add the black and Ziiiing!


Thanks for reading!

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