Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Of Wands and Spells and Things

 Here is a sweet polish from Glam from a Potions and Spells collection that references Harry Potter.

Having not read any of the book nor seen any of the movies the reference is lost on me, but that doesn't deny that this is a beautiful polish!

Collection came out in 2019 and is now no longer on Glam's website. I love Glam a lot, but this was the only one that I knew I needed.

Glam Vulnera Sanentur translates to "wounds being healed" (thank you

Three coats and very shiny metallic gold flakes and iridescent flakes awash in a sanguine hue that leaves me delighted!

Here is another shot:

Contextually I have no clue. My background is in things like "Le Morte d'Arthur". Though there could be a metaphor tying it all to the famed "dolorous stroke"

Honestly who knows and most people don't nor care, so enjoy the polish!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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