Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Greens for March: Squishy Wonderland

 Hey! It's March and you know what that means: green, green, and more green.

Starting off with a wintry cool pine green by Morgan Taylor, Aquamarine Applique':

Three coats, with a top coat. This is a sheer translucent layering polish in the same family as the OPI Colorpaints. 

The first coat is very sheer and the second left visible nail line, but the third coat did a very nice job of offering complete coverage.

These types of polishes can be patchy without careful application, since they are so sheer, yet buildable.

I found this one to really hit the sweet spot for me, even after two coats I found an even coverage. Yes!

I did have a little bit of issue with looseness, but not bad, mostly my own efforts. I did though have a good deal of staining. Can't really say why some greens stain and some don't, but this baby kind of got a pass in my book. 

Morgan Taylor did this 2016 Chrome collection in that same time frame as OPI Colorpaints.  Their website was crashing with photos not loading so it took some poking around to find things.

 It is a tight six colors with a silver chrome to use as a base. Though in my mind the glitters, flakes, etc that these can layer over is pretty endless. Every polish has "applique'" in the name.

Still available on Nail Tech Supply. 

Thanks for reading my little nail journal.

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  1. This is gorgeous. I posted it recently with the chrome base! Looks nice like this and with the base :-D


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