Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Harmony and Joy

China Glaze vintage: Joy and Harmony.

These are from the Romantique collection from many years ago. It preceded the Khrome collection, which garnered a lot of popularity as a source of stamping polishes and, of course, chrome finishes. Romantique is very similar, but more of a creamy chrome metallic. 

Imbued with soft Victorian-era dress colors, the collection didn't wow the nail community, but it was loaded with dense, stampable colors. Nice.

I bought several as stamping polishes only. In fact I've put them on the back burner because I was trying out some other polishes for nail art. 

 As I was rearranging these, I pulled them out of the stamping drawer to wear, the colors are so nice.

 Chrome shades by themselves are a little tricky: they show mistakes, brush strokes, and nail bed bumps (like ridges), but these are a little more forgiving.

China Glaze Joy:

This is my habitual three coats, but two would have been fine. No top coat at the time of the photo.

A beautiful merlot that really just is a, dare I say it, joy to wear. I did have some application error, but it's hard to fault this one.

Here is China Glaze Harmony:

I love this so much. Same as above with regard to top coat and number of coats.

This one just has wonderful rich purple and great metallic finish.

I may not have the whole collection, but if you are interested, they are still up at 8ty8 Beauty.  I have ordered from them in the past and have zero issues with them. In many ways their extensive lineup is like an archive of collections!

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