Sunday, May 10, 2020

Blue Skies are G.O.A.T., Too

I have to admit, I often take photos and then discard them because something just doesn't do the polish justice. My personal way of officially "swatching" a polish is posting it here on the blog (and Instaspam, too, since, I figured out how to do it on a regular computer, thus accessing files, versus playing games with emails...bzzzzzt you don't want to read this).

When I get a great polish shot, it's very satisfying. 

Here is Music City Beauty Capricorns are G.O.A.T.:

This is two coats and no top coat at this point. 

What I love most about this polish is how flipping rich the blue is, but doesn't sacrifice the glass fleck-osity that I crave in shimmer polishes. Plus it has a delightful pink cast, moving this into that rare "intense periwinkle" family. 

This is from Polish Pickup January 2020. As I lean more toward indies, it is not inexpensive, so trying to decide which limited edition polishes to buy is almost heartbreaking at times. These days PPU is well over 100 polishes, wax melts, soaps, cuticle oils, jewelry, and many other things from stamping plates to cat toys. I think this is quite a success story. 

Here is another photo of it while I was out at the barn:

This is a few days later and I am very prone to tip wear due to my motto of "tools, oops, I mean jewels, dammit" when I use my hands. 

This was taken in February and the sun was out, and unlike last February it was extremely nice outside. 

I am lucky to have blue skies and open vistas where I live. 

If you can find this polish on a blog sale or a facespace sale, I recommend picking it up: it's dense and rich and you don't have to fight with it, heaven knows I am not the clean-up queen and I feel like it's just a gem in my collection.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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