Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Back to Blog + Instagram (And Polygel news)

Yes, yes, yes...I know.

Make up your mind, dear!

I have.

I again have access to my photo editing software, and so will begin paralleling the two, but mostly here with a shot on IG.

Why you ask? (Please do!) I like having control over my content. So I have a central place to place photos that I trust (Flicker/Smugmug) and I also don't have to worry if Instagram gets to onerous.

I will post soon, it's been a lazy river of a winter.

Polygel News

I have been following how they've changed technique by adding a gel base coat. I've been doing that and have not had any adhesion issue.

Additionally I am owning my filing a bit more and getting a better (certainly not perfect) shape that really makes wearing polygel a pleasure.

I also have discovered that Polygel does "dry out" or get a bit more "set up" in the tube toward the cap if you let air into it. I thought I had the little squeegee thing that comes with it up, but it wasn't so I had a gap. No worries, though, it all has worked very well. Even a little stiff.

Next time I buy, I may get translucent pink instead of clear, not sure. I don't do anything except wear it over my own nails, so no forms, no building a smile line, etc.

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