Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Blue Deco

I wanted to get started again and I thought I should just dig in and do it.

Here is a stamping project from at least April perhaps even March. It's all been a blur.

The break down...

Base: China Glaze Secret Periwinkle
Stamping: China Glaze Agent Lavender
Topper: Orly Precious Metal
Plate: UberChic Art Deco Flair

I like this combination and it feels right.

I figured out to post on Instagram from my computer desktop, so it's much easier to use than playing the "edit, email, post" game I was playing before.

I will post a link to my Instagram on the side bar, but it's paillettepolishjournal, but how the address works with your device, who knows. Later on I will do a java/html link, but until I backup, I'll just do a link. I love the blog, as it lets me write much more and feels more like home. But some people want images more than words, plus Instaworld is more in the mix with people rather than the lone cowboy on the range feeling of running a blog. (though at heart, perhaps I am a bit of a cowboy)

This photo shows me in polygel, which I was not unhappy with at all, but right now I have set it aside again.

I think this time of year there is too much water and more lifting. I did have another nail that I didn't know was lifting (thumb) and saw that it smelled a bit, so I removed them. All I need is some micro creature making his home there.

In a couple months I'll go back. We'll see. 

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal.
I appreciate it!

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