Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Pop Culture

Pop Polish has been quietly performing in the indie world and selling on Etsy for quite some time.

A few years ago I made and order and my eyes are still bugging out of my head.

There are constantly turning out stunning collections, retaining great mainstays, and gardening the world of color, flash, and iridescence for polish fans like me.

I was particularly excited to see Pop now working with Hell Handmade Creations. HHC, located here, is one of those great limited run sale sites. So you have a short window in which to buy a one off polish made especially for the sale. This exposure to more indie buyers is great.

I found a wonderful flakie combo of UCC flakes, holo shards, micro gliltters and some shiftiness I couldn't catch on my photos.

Here's I'll Grow Back:

Two coats over an Elevation polish that is medium green (I keep forgetting to write down the name of the polishes. Never fear, I am keeping a journal now, so I won't be grabbing at air like this again!!!)

I really love the party going on here.

Here's another photo:

The red sparkles against the green cause my heart to thrum. Very beautiful.

There is a lovely large silver flakie that is a perfect accent. 

Here's an out of focus shot so you can get the drift a bit better:

I wore this for a solid week, no topcoat redo's and it was just as perfect day one.

Removal wasn't difficult, either.

You may find this on a blog sale, its not part of the regular Pop lineup, but they have a lot of great stuff, so do check them out!

Thanks again for reading my little nail polish journal!

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