Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Back in the Early Days of this blog, I found a lot of Sally Hansen Prisms at the Dollar Tree. One stood out. Rainbow Presents.

I don't know what syllable the emphasis is on in the word "presents" but I kind of like it when it's on the last one.

Here are some shots:

Three coats, over the Polygel. It's a blast to see the shift from aqua to blue through to purple. I didn't push it into the red berry shade, but it can go there.

A beautiful pure shimmer that really works out the color shift. 

Formula is typical Sally of that era: a bit slow to dry, and a bit touchy, but not really as bad as I seem to be making it out. I think this shift is not uncommon and available in the indie realm. Though at this writing, I think finding a plane Jane version would be a challenge.

Segue into my next offering, Noodles Nail Polish Warm Bodies.

Some photos: 

This is from a limited edition collection through For The Love of Polish Box from October 2017. It's on the Polished for Days site, and there is a supporting Facebook group.

This one is a beauty. No love lost for the mixed media of shimmer, holo and glass fleck, it's a color bomb.

It shifts with the same precision as Rainbow Presents, so the underlying pigment is the same.

The polish is not on the Noodles Nail Polish site now, but there are some other tasty items. Definitely take a peek. If you really need Warm Bodies, check out some blog sales, destashing might be the only option.

I have wanted to swatch Rainbow Presents for years. Too many years. Sally was doing some magic back in the day!!!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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