Saturday, January 13, 2018

Winter Blue

Well, I realize I've had Orly Total Eclipse around for a while. It's a pale blue base chock full of tiny glitters and small glitters that are blue and iridescent.

I put it over Sephora by OPI I Don't Bite (blogged here).

Two coats and you can see the blue around my untidy edges.

It's a lovely royal blue with iridescent glitters, too. I like how the blurple contrasts with it a bit.

Here's another shot in the sunshine:

You can see the blue glitters popping out a little more here. I have to admit I love this combination.

I think with some searching you can still find these polishes.

I know that the Sephora by OPI is pretty hard to find and so is the Orly.

Total Eclipse won't come up on a search of Orly's site. Found at TJ Maxx, I am unsure when it came out. Orly has fallen off my radar, why I don't know. I like the size of their collections, but maybe I have so many dupes and their collections aren't inspiring me right now. Having said that, and poking around their site, I do like their small, edited collections!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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