Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Red on Red

I love red a lot. I don't wear it often, but there is a red for everyone. 

Let's get going!

China Glaze Ring in the Red over OPI Thanks So Muchness!

I have to admit the combo just floored me. I wanted to add that the medium and small glitter in RitR just play in the light like mad.

Ring in the Red is a silver glitter (two coats here) of a medium density in a rich scarlet red jelly base. 
Deeply unshy, I think over a foil it would make me insane, just so gorgeous.

Thanks So Muchness (blogged ages ago, here) is a lovely red shimmer that is a luminous cool red shimmer, so while it's not the star of the show, it's definitely a strong support player. 

Alice in Wonderland has been a repeated theme, the original small quartet came out in 2010 and people went spare over the glitters (remember when people went nuts over glitters? I do too, now you can barely find an indie making a glitter any longer), but the two reds were quite beautiful, if not somewhat derivative.

Ring in the Red is an oldie, too from a more vintage China Glaze Christmas collection, 2011 holiday. 

Both can be found with a few clicks of the mouse. 

I have a lot - I mean a lot - of red glitter and this is a standout. 

I wore this for a few days and it held up well, despite a little tip wear revealing some of the silver in the glitter. I was wearing the Milani old gold label top coat, so it might not be a majestic beast of a tough one.

Meanwhile bright red is a great neutral for bright winter days of snow and sunshine.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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