Monday, October 16, 2017

Early Winters

This season puts me in mind to fireplaces, cocoa, and cozy blankets. Especially when it's rainy, I've got to say this trove of old photos perfectly coincides with this feeling!

I am still getting my head around sponge application, and I know that next time I will definitely use some latex body paint. No kidding around!

OPI Wondrous Star

Pros: interesting contrasting dark shimmer that I think is black. That aged silver look is very nice. I will say that if sponging was done right, I might have a wall of silvery light across my nail. It just didn't work out for me.

Cons: not super dense, even with sponging. I think it needed more on the sides, but without latex body paint, it was a pain.

This is from Mariah Carey's 2013 Holiday collection. I found a lot of these at TJMaxx, a price point that is nice for testing things out!

I know that it seems to be  metallic glass fleck and not a glitter, so its left a ton of residue, even after extensive clean up!

I think, though, it's more of a topper.

Here it is over LDL 207

To me the star is the red, it's an oldie. An early purchase back when Ross was the super score for oddball greatness. I blogged it briefly here.

I won't lie, Wondrous Star doesn't feel like a full on win. More like Salt n Pepa.

Meanwhile, let me roast my toesies in front of a fire and imagine me inside and the rain and snow outside!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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