Sunday, September 3, 2017

Layla Hologram Effect Part 2

Here is part 2!
For part 1, please click here!

Here's a recap of my previous post:

How they apply

1 - All of these are three coats - a must.
2 - Chipping -because of the rigidity of holo pigment, a good layering system helps with wear:
     Normal mani
     Add top coat
     Top off with another layer of polish
3 - Flame and top coats - Layla's flame is sensitive to top coats, I've watched while holo flame                  vanished with top coat application. The layering technique in 2 helps.
4 - Balding - these will pull up pigment with a second coat. I used a ridge filler and had no issues. 

Back to the swatches!

Layla Hologram Effect 05 Jade Groove

A very pale neutral green. It almost looks like a silver, but it's a green. They came out with a better green in their second batch, called Emerald Divine. I'd recommend this if you love a seafoam type of green.

Layla Hologram Effect 06 Mermaid Spell

A gorgeous light blue. I think it ranges from a soft periwinkle almost to a peacock. It's a pastel and it's beautiful.

Layla Hologram Effect 07 Ocean Rush

Bright medium blue. More color pigment this time around and it really pops as a blue polish.

Layla Hologram Effect 08 Flash Black

A favorite. Black holos are hard, but this is really a charcoal due to all the holographic pigment.
I love how it has such a warm golden flame. It has the full rainbow, but the cool shades are more diffused.

There you have it.

I did try some stamping with these polishes, but didn't post. These work out very nicely as stampers, some are stronger than others, so I need to get a post together on that aspect, too. Coming soon!

I came in to polish from a time when the concept of stamping with a holo felt extremely wasteful with a rare commodity. Well, times have changed. I love stamping and I really think it's time I played with some holos!

Layla does not have these polishes on their site, so I am sure they are discontinued. Even they knew the formula was tricky with pulling up on a second coat (they sold a buffing stick that I didn't use), so perhaps they couldn't support it in the way they liked.

I like them a lot, they are traditional holographics, with a few twists, and a strong holo presence.

They are priced competitively on eBay and some crazy price points on Amazon. I'd prowl eBay.
(I have a few listed on my mom's auctions, too, for full disclosure)

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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