Friday, August 11, 2017

Zoya Rica Above and Beyond

Zoya Rica over OPI My Private Ornament.

I don't think I can convey my adoration for this combo! It reminds me of Nicole by OPI Coral Denominator (a backup-worthy, desert island polish).

I like Zoya Rica a lot. I inadvertently bought a second bottle in one of those Zoya sale frenzies. Ah well. No worries. Rica is sheer. It behaves like a topper and I love the heck out of that!!

I first put down  in this order: Rica, MPO, Rica, MPO, Rica; I may not have needed the second coat of MPO, as it's a fairly dense glitter.

I wore this fore several days and it was heavenly. Just perfect.

The play of that warm silver of MPO and the gold fleck and gorgeous juicy reddened coral in Rica just worked beautifully. I love when a layering combination creates a third creature of great beauty. I should start a page that lists these combos.

If you have these two, definitely layer them!

Here's Rica alone, stamped:

Over a nude I used 4 coats to acquire some density. It wasn't hard and I think Zoya's formula was easy to work with: it didn't slop or pool -  without some help from me, that is! :)

Stamped with a plate I forgot to write down! Borghese Mezzanotte Blue was the one I grabbed for a fast stamping job. I actually tried a new thing I read about on Makeup Alley from a poster called Urang: I mixed some shimmer from a 

I know that I added a Chaos and Crocadiles sheer holo topper for a bit of holo fun in the sun.

I won't lie, Rica never gave up on me! I wore it a lot and though it's a sheer one, I love how Zoya pulls the glass fleck out of their hat to come up with these kinds of collections!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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