Monday, August 28, 2017

Flakie Bummer

I've been trying to break out more of my indies and so here we go: a polish I haven't featured before.

Glam Polish Secrets in the Sand over Color Club Give Me a Hint

Clear iridescent flakies and holographic particles make up this topper.

In the photos a strong blue/fuchsia shift appears, but on my nails I could only catch a little of that.

Why do I feel like I failed this polish? Damn.

I could get nothing out of it that approached all those photos.

From: Glam Polish
I tried a lot. So, I guess I will try again. 

In the bottle it's very translucent, so the bright colors don't pop as much in person. 

Normally I am super enthusiastic about  flakie toppers, so I don't know if my flash crushed the color or it's just the angle. 

No matter how many photos I took under my lamp and my flash, I could not recreate this color array on the nail, except in the smaller flake.

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