Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ever So Evergreen

If you've read my blog or buzzed through a few of them, you know I am a holding a torch for Diamond Cosmetics.

They were a great company who sole a very great line of polish at a price point that was seriously amazing. ($2-3, amIright?)

Now there was some "outing" of companies who do private label agreements with them. Sadly they went full private label.

Meanwhile I am still trotting out a few here and there.

Here's Never So Evergreen

A deep green shimmer packed with a microglitter or glass fleck gold as well as a fine gold shimmer.

This is three coats, but two would have been adequate.

Love this a lot. Formula super easy to work with and it just is a no brainer easy to use polish.

Dried fast - no top coat here.

I didn't try it as a stamping polish (I've made a new page if you all want to peek), but for a shimmer, it's a temptation!

I think Zoya's Yuna is similar, but darker.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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