Monday, December 19, 2016

Dior's Delicious Little Christmas Collection

Hard to believe this little collection came out back in 2011. I had to have it and it's just a gem.

It's from Dior's Les Rouges Or holiday collection and I ended up getting it shipped to me from Nordstroms because I live so far from one that I couldn't just drive over to one, and I didn't want to miss out on this one.

Let's get started, but before I do, a few things: no top coat, all are three coats, but only one truly needed three coats.

Dior Equis

Remember: no top coat. Stunning formula. Dior never lets me down. Ever. And this is no exception.

The gold shimmer is super fine and asserts itself equally with the creme pigment.

It's not a taupe, it's more of a deep hazelnut that, due to the gold, pulls into an army khaki.

It's so beautiful, a perfect confluence of formula, color, and finish.

Not available online, but may pop up on eBay.

Dior Or Divin

This pearly gold is the one that needed three coats, but it really is such a beauty that it's hard to be tough on it.

It reminds me of Nars Versailles and has that same soft "Age of Reason" subtlety.

I couldn't find it online, either.

Dior Merveille

Perhaps the star, or if not the star, the one you can't take your eyes off of.

Under the tutelage of this amazing gold shimmer, this rich Chinese Red turns vermillion.

Creme, like Equis, and almost more of a jelly, hence the glowing quality of this polish.

No doubt a polish worth finding. Good luck!

Dior Apparat

Deep burgundy red shimmer with a strong taste of gold.

The color can dip warm, but it lends complexity rather than just muddiness.

I love it as much as the rest. It is both elegant and regal.

Not online anywhere at this time.

I love this whole collection. It's upscale elegance doesn't feel too rigid, but evokes luxurious fabric and interiors that are in keeping with a Parisienne pied-a-terre.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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