Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Blues You Can Use

Here are three blues that I like a lot, but have strengths and weaknesses to varying degrees.

Colorwise: all strengths. Weaknesses: I'm not a "brand snob" but sometimes brands let themselves down with lack of details, as you will see.

I am still learning the ol' Sony A6000, I apologize in advance. 

SinfulColors Love Thy Self

This is from the Pride collection. It's a beautiful periwinkle that pulls a bit more lavender in real life.

This is darker and more blue than their Lavender, and quite lovely.

The brush, though, was pretty janked up: it's all uneven and wide at the end. I will have to rebottle it down the pike.

This is probably available through SC in some iteration or another. I'll be honest I have mixed feelings: price point is good, but hit or miss with formula or brush. 

Claire's No Name blue

This is a really a bad picture, jebus. Three coats, no top coat.

This is a pretty deep blurple that borders on cobalt. I love this color, but have a few trepidations: it's a patchy, balding mofo. I mean it needed three coats. Coat one was alarming. By coat three I felt it was workable.

Drying to a nice wax finish it is a pretty shade. I don't hit Claire's very often so I don't know if this one is around any more. I know they change things up fairly often, so I can only say if you are near one, take a peek.

Diamond Cosmetics Not Your "Hum Drum" Plum

Three coats and possibly the only thing I can say is a flaw is that it's discontinued. Wah.

This is a beautiful plummy blue. Though it's more blue in this photo, it does run blue than purple.

Love how shiny it dries.

I have to say that this was one of the worst photos I've ever published. So sorry.

Might be able to find this on eBay. 

Thanks for your patience with my photos. 

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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