Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Not So New Neutral

I don't often pick up WetnWild polishes these days, but I did see this one and was enamored with it's subtle grace.

WetnWild Bite the Bullet

Three coats, no top coat. Though I think two coats would work just fine.

I love this little mauve delight. Though you can see I over applied on the index on the left, it really was easy to work with. 

I often think drugstore polishes have the hardest row to hoe since they often have to perform in less than perfect conditions.

Still available at your drug store!

Color Club Give Me a Hint

From the Color Club Alter Ego collection, this guy has been underutilized. It's a pretty little mousy mauve that has been on the "oh I don't need this" pile a few times. Only to be pulled back because the color is just amazing. 

Still on the Color Club site, so still available! It's a classic, very cool toned, but feeling autumnal at the same time.

American Apparel Dynasty

This is a bit more pink than it is in real life, but it is very subtle and extremely beautiful.

The formula, well, super nice. 

Here's a comparison

Left to right:
American Apparel Dynasty
Color Club Give Me a Hint
WetnWild Bite the Bullet

Truly a trio worth having!

Of ocurs if you can only get one, get the American Apparel. You can see how smooth and luxe it looks when done. I am using a Milani ridge filler, which is pretty nice, and it serves to smooth things out, the AA really takes it to the next level.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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