Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Getting The Ball Rolling

Hey Sweet People!

I took a little break since I misplaced my precious flash drive and then tried to take photos with my iPhone, but wasn't happy with the result. Plus my new job seemed to explode into a bigger one than I thought.

I've got my stuff together and I've got three purples that needed an outing.

Let's get at it!

Milani Purple Passion

Three coats, no top coat. This is an older Dollar Tree find and a fairly generic royal purple shimmer. I found the formula a little looser than too my personal taste, but not wholly unworkable.

I don't see Milani at my Dollar Tree any more, but it's pretty prevalent on eBay. Yay!

Brucci Grape Galaxy

Three coats and no top coat. A very deep grape purple glass fleck shimmer.

Not a super common brand, and I don't have much luck finding a real website. It's kind of weird. I thought they were an east coast US brand. They have had a few real gems. I thought I got this through their website, but it's now gone. Some is on Amazon and eBay.  Searches now are so peppered with retailers trying to grab anything to click you on through, it's almost a sure thing they don't have it.

Meanwhile a pretty shimmery vamp.

Impala Azul Aviador

A pretty little deep lavender that I found through an indie seller. It is a touch less blue in person, though. Three coats, no top coat.

Has more of a crelly feel to it and smells like Kleancolor, which is pretty much a no win for me.

I actually have given all of these away to a sweet person who I know will actually wear them. That is very exciting for me, because I had all these polishes for a long time and I never reached for them.

I suppose looking at it, I have a little regret over the Impala...it's nice. OTOH, I have Orly Charged Up. Similar shade, better formula for me.

All right. I'm back in action and I truly thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!!!

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