Thursday, August 11, 2016

Something Old and Something New

While summer is here, I wanted to throw in an old photo I uploaded to Flickr, but forgot to blog about.

It's Color Club Something New over Nicole by OPI Ps and Qs

I love Nicole by OPI Ps and Qs. A soft vintage green that bears slightly cool.

Three coats here.

Then I topped it with Colur Club Something Blue from their Celebration collection back in 2014. It's a pearly white glitter loaded with light blue pearl glitters, all a medium hex size, then sprinkled generously with a small white glitter.

It's very much a lacy overlay to a beautiful dress kind of fun combo.

I feel like it's more springtime than full summer sunshine, kind of a guest at the wedding kind of thing.

The Color Club is still available online, but Nicole by OPI can be hard to find, though I think there are many good mint greens out there that would serve the purpose.

Meanwhile, hope you are having a wonderful summer!

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