Sunday, July 31, 2016

Tropical Pair

Mangos taste like what I think perfume smells like. I love the flavor. 

Here are  couple of mango shades that are fairly unique in my collection. 

L.A. Colors Dimple

This is three coats, it is a crelly formula and I found it at the Dollar Tree. No top coat.

It's not the perfect formula, a little less than what I call self leveling, however I didn't have to wrestle with it and it did cover in three coats. It's a pretty shade, though I think it's not going to be a universal classic one for every person. I will add that there are few shades I don't like on my fingers, so for me it's universal. Some help, right?

I grabbed this to try to stamp with and while it's nice over white, it doesn't have the chops to do anything deeper than a light pastel. I don't know if evaporating it will actually help. It's pretty unpigmented or that kind of task.

China Glaze Home Sweet House Music

Three coats, no top coat.

I worried when I swatched this, because it doesn't look like any of the photos online. It's not really orange, it's a orange tinted yellow. 

I'd read that this was difficult to work with, but I had no real problems. I didn't do any clean up and you can see some sloppy application here and there, but nothing that was unsolvable. 

Still on the China Glaze website, this is from their 2015 Electric Nights collection, a crayon bright collection full of summer sun hot shades, worth a look.

Ostensibly this is a neon, but I feel like people are fairly free and easy with that description: no, this is a bright shade of papaya, but not enough oomph to call it a neon.

I like both shades, which are a thin slice of the color spectrum in my collection. I didn't try stamping with the China Glaze, but I might try it out down the road.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!

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