Friday, June 17, 2016

Zoya's Cindy and Renee

Zoya Cindy is from Zoya's Redbook collection that came out Holiday 2015.

It's a pretty gilded glass fleck packed with beautiful large iridescent glitter.

Here it is over a navy, Color Club Yacht Club, a very deep navy:

This is two coats, and the gold is almost bronze when it's over a dark shade.

I then popped it over Renee, another one from the Redbook trio.

Pretty, but not totally to my layering taste.

Recommend? With reservation: I could not get the topper to dry adequately. It just melted with every base and top coat, and didn't play well with Renee or Yacht Club. Number one job of a topper? Play well with others!

Here is Renee alone:

I love this fire engine red, it's gorgeous. Rather thick and unwieldy this two coater was tricky for me, but I think the color is so great.

It is an odd trio as you've got Marjorie - a rich glass fleck reddened plum, then Renee with its warm red, finally Cindy, which is not really great over either.

The limited edition is still on the Zoya site for sale.

I have mixed feelings about the trio. Marjorie was a winner, Renee placed, and Cindy showed. 


  1. I believe I got this trio when it first came out...never got around to wearing any of them...they did seem holiday appropriate, I'll have to remember later this year....

    1. They are very holiday-esque, now that I think about it.

      Renee is a pretty bright red for summer, though.
      But it does seem to need a durable topcoat!


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