Sunday, June 19, 2016

China Glaze's Sheer Glitter

These are turning into my favorite glitter. It's a translucent glitter that, unlike an iridescent, possesses a strong enough pigmentation that it doesn't rely on light to iridesce the color.

I've blogged one before, my beloved Heart and Soul by Whimsical Ideas By Pam (blogged here)

Then I discovered that China Glaze has one in their Spring 2016 House of Color collection.

Since that collection came out, I've had my eye on Moonlight The Night:

I've put it over a pure white and the blue, pink, and periwinkle glitters sing. I love how these transparent glitters layer and create lavenders and medium blues as well. So nice.

I didn't do this one over black for a photo, but it does look similar to the bottle: Carnival glass iridescence pops out and it is also a beauty. Over white, though, wow. This is a Tasmanian Wolf in the world of glitter. I have four different bottles of transparent glitter: two by WIbP, one by China Glaze and one by Starrily.

I wish there were more. This is an easy to use glitter, it's born to change color over other colors and it's own fellow glitter-mates, and it dries flat and is easy to remove.

Waiting for more of these, it's turning into the one glitter that turns my head!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. So pretty!! I have the near dupe of this by Finger Paints called Daubingy's Garden...I think it comes off a lot more purpley over white, so this one is more colorful..


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