Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Lavender and Pink

Here are three polishes, two new to the blog, one a reblog for a comparison. Enjoy!

Here is SinfulColors Zeus:

It's basically their Lavender polish loaded with a pink shimmer.
Three two coats.  A lot of win with that shimmer.

I then compared it to Nicole by OPI's Back to Reality...TV

Left to right:
SC Zeus
SC Zeus

I am kind of surprised how little oomph the NOPI has with regard to shimmer within the creme base. SC kills and NOPI just sits there.

I think that SC is a thicker polish and two coats versus a necessary three on the NOPI.

Plus and minus is that NOPI is a little bit easier to manage and control, but I really don't think it's a big deal.  For me the color payoff with the shimmer up front and ready is more important.

I threw in Essie Using My Maiden Name, but not to really compare.

Of the trio, I love UMMN a lot. The brighter, less muddy lavender that peeps into purple is perfect for spring.

I've got three coats on here, but no complaints on the formula.

I've heard, and now witness, that the shimmer is hard to find on the nail. This angle only barely revealed it. That is the one failing of a very pretty polish.

Where to buy
Essie UMMN is easily available on line. UMMN was all over TJ Maxx for awhile, so it's readily out there on eBay, etc.
NOPI BTR...TV is harder to find because that was a limited edition collection a couple years ago. It's not inexpensive, but of the pair, much harder to find.
SinfulColors Zeus was part of a 2012 Castaway collection  (Thank you Nouveau Cheap for your excellent blog on drugstore items, a great resource in the polish world!)

Of the trio, I think Zeus is the most challenging to find, as I don't think it's out there in their main line, and much harder to find. I had little luck.

My personal favorite is Zeus, but Essie UMMN has a great bright hue and the shimmer is ok for me, I can always goof around with toppers.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Ahh that is one of my fave Essie's! I lucked into Zeus early in my collecting, and I believe I got the NOPI from you on eBay :D

    Sadly I do feel like Zeus and NOPI photograph a little prettier than they wear in real life. I love them in the bottle so much. But they can run a little dark on the nail.

    1. I agree, they do flatten out, especially with indoor lighting that isn't corrected for daylight.

      I love UMMN and wish I grabbed a back up or two!

  2. Great comparisons. I agree that Essie UMMN is such a beauty and I think its really worth trying out.

    1. Thank you so much! I agree, I underestimated how beautiful it is.


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