Friday, May 20, 2016

Layering Green over Blue

I wore Arcane Lacquer's Comfortable Liar again (blogged here) and ended up wearing it as a base for layering.
It's a sheer with a holographic scattering, but tending toward the "too sheer, needs a base" category, which I don't mind, but at times it just means more categorization in the old stash.

I love the shade, it's that shade of blurple that is my weakness.

I topped it with two things: Pure Ice Heart Breaker (the newer version, which does have a blue/green shift, but less of that intense green shimmer that seems to pop) and an old Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear that is also a limey green.

My result is a poor man's Femme Fatale...

I love how the green shimmer over the violet blue base performs little shimmery games. Here, then gone, then HERE again.

Here you can see a bit of the holo popping out on my index:

At this writing, Arcane Lacquer is closing its doors.

Quite a sade day in the land of indie polishes when one shuts its doors.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal.


  1. Ah I see I commented the old post for that Arcane polish, still love how it looks...I agree your layering comes off like Femme Fatale! High five!


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