Monday, March 21, 2016

Greens for March: Sour Face

I thought I'd blogged Zoya Tangy ages ago, but I guess I did not.

Zoya Tangy

She's a bit sheer. This is three coats, no top coat.

I think had I put on a ridge filler and a nude polish as a base I could deal with its sheerness with a little less, er, discomfort, but it's not a really covering. Plus it's a wee bit patchy over the ridges on my ring finger.

I then wanted to try it over a topper, I used Zoya Envy

It cools down the yellow undertone, although I had a lot of patchiness on my ring finger, which made me frustrated because I didn't want two coats, just one.

Looking back this would have been a treat over Maybelline Galactic Green. I don't want to abandon it because it is lovely. I may also experiment with water marbling (sorry to make you suffer through my attempts, just keeping that flag raised, y'know?)

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. It's pretty in the bottle, I guess I was hoping for a wee bit more opacity, but I guess then comes the fun of layering...

    1. It's definitely going to win over light or medium shades. ;D

  2. Oh my! This is so pretty. Lovely color and finish. A must try!


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