Saturday, March 19, 2016

Greens for March: Guppy 77 And Friends

Olive green seems like it's coming into its own, with Wet n Wild Moss being a very popular polish last season.
Over the years there have been many good ones: from Butter London Wallis (nothing tastes as good as thin feels; except ice cream, pizza, potatoes chips, and lasagna, but I digress...), Chanel Peridot (and all the dupes - blogged here), and of course the long discontinued China Glaze Cat's Eye (not yet blogged for some absurd reason).

I have Guppy 77, which is a brand out of Korea. I purchased this on eBay a billion years ago, and finally cut to the chase and blogged it.

Add a swizzle stick, good gin, show it a bottle of vermouth and we've got a martini! Yum!

It's a pretty shimmer, three coats, no top coat. 

As I put this on I realized that the coolest thing about this polish is the base. It's not green, it's gray. You can see it a bit at the top of the edge of the bottle. It's a bit of a head turner, because this shade of green looks wonderful with gray and blue.

I thought I'd try a couple of blues out as a base.

First up here it is over a navy, L.A. Girl Vamp.

I love the dimension, how it darkens around the edges. This is one coat over L.A. Girl Vamp.

L.A. Girl Vamp is one of those older L.A. Girl polishes they had on their site several years ago, then they all seemed to pop up on Discount Cosmetic Outlet for a song.

I love this shade of navy: not black, you can see the navy.

Here it is, no top coat, being a fine navy, the perfect neutral.

As you can see, it's a beautiful cobalt leaning navy. Not too bright, still navy, but not black, which is fine, but sometimes you want to see the blue.

This is three coats. 

At this writing, I see that Discount Cosmetic Outlet has closed and the domain has expired. Boo hoo! I don't see L.A. Girl Vamp on eBay, either. No loss, it's a neutral and there are a ton out there. Still, DCO was a pretty amazing resource.

Now here is Guppy 77 over Sally Hansen Gray by Gray.

I. mean. seriously!

Virtuosity incarnate!

I am so pleased with this layering result. The gray peeps through the green, and it's just perfection.
Rarely do you find such wonderful combinations like this, and I can think of a small handful of polishes that can perform this kind of sleight of hand. Nice discovery!

I no longer find Guppy on eBay. 

Thank you so much for reading my little nail polish journal!


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