Monday, March 7, 2016

Greens for March: Hunter Green

So, American Apparel has been in the news as it revamps it's brand devolution.

I just went to their site and see that the polishes have been, for the most part, removed. Will they return, who knows. I'm not sure what direction it will go. 

American Apparel Hunter:

Three coats, lovey polish with no top coat.

I find the formula smooth and rather easy to manipulate. It isn't pure heaven, but you feel like you are on the road to heaven with this formula. 

Color-wise, it's beautiful and quite un-vampy so you do get the green payoff.

I wanted to compare it to a couple other greens:

Left to right:
Orly Enchanted Forest (blogged here)
American Apparel Hunter (actually blogging right now...hehehe)
OPI Christmas Gone Plaid (blogged here)

That blue you see on the center nail is flash, not some blue shimmer.
All three are quite similar, I'd say that in a pinch, one will do versus all of them.

I also think of the three, Orly is most green and brightest, with OPI Christmas Gone Plaid being the darkest.

Poking around eBay I see a few AA's, not sure if they will job-lot these, or they will show up elsewhere now that AA has stopped selling polish. I can't predict if they are just going to go back into the retail stores, or what.

All three are kind of hard-ish to find online. Worse, perhaps, OPI and Orly yield zero results when I search (found OPI's search engine!).

Interesting.  Nearly every collection that comes out in the fall has a red/burgundy/maroon/purple vamp. Why are green ones falling to the wayside? They are all so great!

Keeping one's eyes peeled on eBay might be the best avenue, you never know what will show up!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Heh devolution... I have this one from a bulk lot from ebay. I don't really dig cremes but for the price it seemed like not bad to have on hand like for stamping maybe. They aren't bad polishes.

    1. They truly vary. Some AA's are really great formulas. Some are not so exciting.
      I generally wonder about who makes them. They are good.


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