Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pink Diamonds

On the Makeup Alley message board the talk zipped through the nail board about a sale at Azature. Apparently they have black diamonds in their polish and apparently they were at a good price: $6.00, as compared to the normal price of $26.00.
I would say if this is your thing, try to keep it on your radar for a big discount, I think for "drug store pricing" it's a nice deal.

I picked up a few bottles and wanted to share Azature Pink with you.

Azature Pink

Very pretty silver glitter, three coats, no top coat. This is taken with a flash.

Silver with a mauve pink jelly that translates more pink on the nail. Lots of flash. I don' t know if there is actual "diamonds" in it, but there is a black diamond floating around in the bottle.

Personally I am not sure if it's real or just glass, diamond-wise, but this is a pretty flashy glitter.

I topped it with a stamp, I can't recall the plate. The polish is Hue Rang from the Sally Hansen permanent line, all named with art related titles. Personally I've had this polish for over 5 years, wore it once, I think I blogged it, but I think it's a little flat alone, but on the nail, it pushes up into the periwinkle category.

Even in low light, he

Pretty subtle, I had mixed feelings about the result, though. I wanted more impact. I might let this polish thicken up a bit. Also a thicker pattern would have helped, too.


Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I never understood the whole thing with Azature and the diamonds; when I first started reading about it I was like what are the diamonds ground up in the polish, no there's an actual diamond piece in the bottle...why? Is it in place of w mixing ball? lol

    I have that FingerPaints, tho I don't think I've worn it. I just snatched up some of their summer 2014 collection that I'd missed, from ebay.

    1. Maybe there is a diamond mixing ball.


      That finger paints is pretty nice as a stamper, I have to admit it surprised me!!


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