Monday, January 11, 2016

Gray I Thought I Didn't Want

I'd had CND Hyde in the Park up for sale, untried, for quite a while. I thought I'd just pop it on and see if in fact it was a keeper.

It is.

Two coats, no top coat. Taken with flash, so it pulls a bit blue.
My favorite shade of gray. Indeed!

The glass fleck shimmer seems to combine with a with a rich creme base. It's a pretty great combo. I thought, based on the bottle it would be packed with shimmer.

I thought I'd do a quick side by side with some similar shades:

Left to right:
Color Club After Hours
CND Hyde In The Park
Orlane 92

Glad I didn't push it out the door, it's really a beauty.

Edited to add: bottom image in that double shot is the first coat of those three polishes. Apologies for the omission!!

Here are the bottles:

Same order.

The only one that is hard to find online is CND Hyde In The Park. Ah well. There you go. 

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