Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Bleu Reign

I have only just gotten acquainted with Enchanted Polish. Oh dear. Very hard to buy with limited runs, mystery polishes (that always seem to be absolutely gorgeous), and unless you haunt their social media you may not know what's up. I'm not a millennial, so I am one of those folks who regards the web as a whole rather than siphoning through certain apps. Ah well, my loss. Until now.

I did get an email with a sale that coincided with my ability to actually have a win on buying something. Less of a curmudgeon now that I have one. And I don't feel a huge quantity of regret over missing out on this brand, but I wish it were more available. Bay prices will quickly humble you, but as in the realm of all polishes, dupes are around.


Enchanted Polish Reign Beau

This is under my daylight corrected lamp.

Three coats. No top coat in these photos.

Lovely periwinkle blue shot through with enough holo to give mostly a scattered effect with a good sense of linear action thrown in.

Here it is outside in the sunshine:

More of a scattered effect here.

Of course it is just gorgeous. And of course it wore very well. I topped mine with CND gel topcoat so I could get a few days wear and never had a problem!

Of course it was a preorder and it took about a month to arrive, but after 3 weeks when I sent an email, forgetting that it would take that long, I got gracious, excellent communication in return.

Of course. Dang you Enchanted Polish for being so good!!!!

Now I will have to make sure I can buy during these presales. Gah! Cursed!

Cursed in the best way possible!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I got this one too, along with the topper "Rainbow Juice (with pulp)" ... I agree with everything you said!


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