Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sparkle On

Sparkling nights, Christmas lights.

Parties, candlelight.

Sparkling polish: a perfect fit.

China Glaze Medallion layered with China Glaze Pine-ing for Glitter. 

Four coats total, one each of Medallion and Pine-ing for Glitter.

No top coat.

Medallion came out with the China Glaze Specialty Nail Color Collection in 2009. It was a 50 polish collection loaded with some great polishes. These are still around online and worth looking around at bloggers photos. One blogger, whose name I can't recall swatched all 50 (!!) If anyone recalls, comment here with a link, I'll update this post. 

Medallion is a gold glitter packed with holo glitter. I thought I had blogged it before, so I don't have a solo shot of it, but you can see by the bottle, it's just gorgeous. 

Pine-ing for Glitter is a weird name, but a beautiful polish. 

China Glaze Pine-ing for Glitter

Pine green glitter? Very much something that catches my eye!

This is three coats, no top coat.

This is from a Christmas collection 2014. Most were forgettable, but this one is so unique.

Available online.

China Glaze Mrs. Claus

Three coats no top coat. 

Pink glitter in a red jelly base. From the 2010 China Glaze holiday collection. 

Can we say gorgeous a little more often? I love this polish. It's like a build in jelly sandwich! 

Online and affordable, too!

China Glaze Medallion and Glitter Bunny Rainbow Sprinkles

The best for last?

Glitter Bunny, now defunct based on their Facebook page, Rainbow Sprinkles is a multi-color glitter that is very beautiful. I found this on a blog sale and though it has a bit of glitter bleed, it doesn't really show up on the nail. These are matte glitters, which means that the color is rich and pure. Love!

This combination reminds me of Christmas lights twinkling. I was so pleasantly surprised when I put this on. 

Raise a glass, enjoy the sparkling nights!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Love these, esp the China Glaze ones! I also went classic red green and gold this year for Xmas mani..including Zoya Oswin (a red texture but I top coated) and KB Shimmer Dressed to Gild (gold and holo glitter)...festive!


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