Monday, September 21, 2015

Blue Monday

I've got three blues that are related.

This is part of a huge swatching project I've been wanting to do for a long time. Finally just gutted it out.

These are all polishes that shift blue into violet purple. But, do it in different strengths.

OPI Designer Series Magic

A beautiful glass fleck that OPI came out with about 2010 and I finally picked it up a couple years ago. 

Three coats here, no top coat.

A top coat will make it look very glorious. 

I couldn't really catch the shift very well, it's quite limited. Still, this is a standout color.

The brush is wide, which means that my pinkie got a bit of ample coverage.

Orly Lunar Eclipse

Three coats, somewhat better coverage than OPI DS Magic, but a bit darker, but not by much.

This is from the 2010 Orly Cosmic FX collection which rocked everyone's world with its jam packed glass fleck color shifting madness. 

Here you can see a bit of the shift, but only scant at the base of my nails. 

I like this one a lot, great coverage in three coats and a normal brush. 

Sally Hansen Laser

This is from the now-defunct Hi Def line by Sally Hansen. I think I've blogged this before, and at three coats it's basically a topper, but it does shift to a pretty violet.

I put it over OPI Ink, which needed to be blogged, so here's a photo:

Quite a beauty on its own. Three coats, easy to use. A navy shot through with color shifting glass fleck. Dark, yes, but the color shift shows up nicely.

Here is Laser over the top:
(Ok, every time I write Laser, I think of that scene in Dodgeball "let me introduce you to Blade, Laser, Blazer")

Very nice! This is two coats.

Ooh, Aah! Love this as a topper.


Left to right:
Orly Lunar Eclipse
Sally Hansen Laser
OPI DS Magic

I think the weak base of SH Laser lets the shift through a bit more than the OPI.

SH Laser is really just a great topper, and readily available on eBay, and probably Amazon, etc.

Personally I love the Orly above the OPI, with SH falling into a different category, however a great choice over navy should you not have the other two. If, though, you don't want to layer and just want one polish, Orly for sure.

Orly Cosmic FX seems to be online here and there, OPI DS Magic is on Nail Supplies, with a few eBay sellers posting rather astonishing prices.

Formula summary: OPI tops the mark for dry time, but Orly wasn't difficult at all, even if it was second place. Sally Hansen, well, she's in need of a quick dry top coat if you wish to try to build it on its own, which I don't recommend. 

Thanks so much for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Ooh now I want to change my polish to lunar eclipse! These polishes are gorgeous!

  2. Awesome post, I have the OPI and never worn (shame!). I think this SH HD is the one I have two bottles of...

    1. The HD's are great toppers. Seriously. I just layered it as a sandwich under a red jelly: very nice!


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