Saturday, September 26, 2015

Blue Frost

Where I bought this polish, I am not sure. It's Orly Opposites Attract from their Magnetic FX collection. FX being their de rigueur naming system for special effects polishes for a time. They seem to, of late, dumped that and branched out into other things.

Mine didn't come with a magnet, which is fine with me, nor, did I even know that it was magnetic until I started to blog about it.

Meanwhile, frosts seem to be garnering the same reception as crackles: welcome change, but not heartily embraced by all. I guess you could say that of textures, too.

Orly Opposites Attract

What attracted me to this polish is the pink glass fleck that runs under the silvery white - ostensibly magnetic - frost. I had pulled this to compare it to OPI Ink, but when I put it on, the frosty film usurped all thought of even trying to compare. When the sun or the flash hits it just right, the pretty pink shimmer, pops at that point. Unfortunately I didn't get a strong payoff, you can just see some in the top photo at the base of my index and middle fingers. Hmmm.

Suffice to say that this might just be a jim-dandy stamping polish, unless you love some frost or magnetized shapes on your nails.

Formula: covers in two coats, I did three. Dried quickly enough and easy to work with.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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