Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Where I Eat My Hat Regarding Morgan Taylor - Part 1

A few months ago I did a blog post about some mint green polishes and included a swatch of Morgan Taylor's Mint Chocolate Chip in which I was pretty unhappy with that particular polish. (here is the link)

Imagine my astonishment when I got an email from a nice Public Relations lady who handles Morgan Taylor. She saw my post and wondered if I'd give Morgan Taylor a chance. Of course! I'd blogged three before (here) and was pretty caught off guard by this last experience with their polish.

Morgan Taylor sent me six (6!!!!) polishes! To clarify I never get anything for review except occasionally I will respond to a SinfulColors email so I was pretty excited to try these out.

Finally after the nail chop, I had enough length on my nails to really enjoy swatching.

Let's get on it!

Morgan Taylor Mint Chocolate Chip

Yeah. So, this is where I eat a little crow, right after I eat my hat. Three coats of smooth, self leveling polish. It was like night and day, no wrestling, no fuss, and no lumps.

No top coat and it's dried to a soft gloss. I pulled my dead bottle out of my blog sale and thinned it and shook it up and tried it again, and it's still not as nice as this one, but I will use it for some nail art. Ever hopeful with the water marbling.

Meanwhile, mea culpa!

Morgan Taylor Hot Hot Tamale

A rich coral with a neon feel. Like a bright freshly cooked lobster. Love it.

Three coats, and no top coat. Same soft gloss.

If I had put this over a white it would really pop even harder. I love brights like this and its a win.

Morgan Taylor New Romance

This is a four coater crelly that could work with fewer coats over a base such as a white, nude or a pink.

It is a soft rose pink that feels extremely feminine. I don't like many pinks and this one is very pretty and feels more like a neutral pink, which is very much in its favor. A bit of some lumpiness, but not terrible. I'm wearing a ridge filler but you can see on my ring and pinkie that some of the ridges are showing through. These finishes are less forgiving, so it's a tough call.

All right, that's part one! Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Just a reminder: these were sent to me for review.

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