Friday, August 28, 2015

All Around The Mulberry Bush

Here is a comparison I've wanted to do for a bit of a while.

In my red based purples, or violets, I have some mulberries mixed in.

As usual, no top coats. All are two coats, except where I need to do three and I'll discuss more on that one.

New York Color Peony

Here is a shade that I've blogged before, here, and still really adore it.

Two beautiful coats in a formula that is pretty much doing all the work for me, thank goodness!

I did mention before that this was a limited edition that I found on a fluke, and can't seem to really find it anywhere online at this time.

It has some gorgeous gold, but not so much to make it muddy.

OPI Catherine The Grape

Another truly spectacular polish. Like NYC Peony, this one has a soft shimmer, but not really gold, just a pretty mauve pink.

Two coats and still a lover.

This was from the OPI Russian collection from 2007, which predates my renewed interest in polish. This collection is full of some nice basics. This purple is really one of those grown-up shades.

Thought I'd compare:

Left to right:

  • NYC Peony
  • OPI Catherine the Grape
  • NYC Peony
  • OPI Catherine the Grape

I won't call them dupes, but if you happen to have NYC Peony, I recommend it over OPI CTG. It's more saturated and the shimmer is a bit nicer. By comparison, CTG seems a wee bit more frosty.

I do love both polishes, though, and there isn't much doubt that I will wear both, though CTG a little more, since NYC Peony is a rare gem.

OPI Diva of Geneva

From OPI's Switzerland Collection - many beauties in that baby - and this is no exception. I didn't capture the gold shimmer very well under my lamps, but it really ups this polish from a generic mulberry wine into one with some oomph.

Two coats, no top coat and you can see some brushstrokes.

OPI Switzerland came out in 2010 and I've been collecting these here and there, they never seem to let me down.

You can still find these on eBay and at etailers. Definitely a nice one!

Mod Lacquer Majestic

Mod Lacquer's a three coater. It does build nicely by coat three, so no alarms that it needs a fourth.

This I found on Etsy and I adore it. It's a solid burgundy shimmer that is in this smokey base. Yet it's not blackened, it's just great. Unfortunately I don't see it listed any longer, but that doesn't mean it may not show up again.

Meanwhile it's a favorite.

Here is a comparison between the two:

Left to right:

  • OPI Diva of Geneva
  • Mod Lacquer Majestic
  • OPI Diva of Geneva
  • Mod Lacquer Majestic

You can see that they are more similar in the bottle than on the nail, I did try a bottle shot, but it didn't pan out. I think Mod Lacquer Majestic has a more lit from within quality, that's not to say that DoG doesn't look great in the sun.

Here is a side by side of all four:

Left to right:

  • NYC Peony
  • OPI Catherine The Grape
  • OPI Diva of Geneva
  • Mod Lacquer Majestic

First image is of the bottles, second is one coat, and third image is final coats: three for Mod Lacquer and two coats for the rest.

These shades feel like autumn and there is no getting around it: it's coming.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Great comparison post! Not a color I love, but I dig the Mod Lacquer for some reason...I have a few of that brand, need more!!

    1. Bad news: Mod Lacquer has closed her doors. What a shame, too!


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