Monday, July 13, 2015

By Golly By Gosh - Toppers!

I found that some polishes that are great alone are great as toppers.

Here are a couple.

Let's start with a classic, one that made people drool back in 2010. Now, with indies, let's be honest, we've got some finishes that are mind BLOWING (browse FUN Lacquer, I'll post some soon, promise).


Gosh Gasoline

This is over white to really bring out that strong violet base. Packed with glass fleck it's pretty amazing.
Three coats and somewhat uneven, but over navy....

Over It's a bomb of dancing light. Two coats over navy blue.

Color Club Ulterior Motive

I've blogged this one before (here) and it's from the Alter Ego collection. Over white it's like the raspberry base just pops.

Three coats, and, like Gasoline, a tiny bit uneven.

Here it is over navy...

The win is evident.

Packed with glass fleck madness.

I didn't compare these, but you can see that they are definitely close family members over a black or navy base.

Love these both quite a bit.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


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