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SinfulColors Street Fusion 2015 - Summer is Here!

Hi folks!

SinfulColors kindly sent me some of their new collection to swatch.

It is called Street Fusion and per my press information has 29 shades in total, though some are re-promotes, the six I have are new. At least to me, the blue might be similar to another in the Flight Patterns collection, but I didn't have that one and I can't be sure. 


Five out of six of mine are from the Tokyo Nights collection. The colors are bold, unique and remind me of the fast forward forms, colors and patterns that street fashion provides as a rich matrix that eventually becomes haute couture. I liken it to the organic molecules bathed in heat at our planet's beginnings that soon composed nucleic acids and other long chain building blocks and became life. 
Exciting stuff.

No top coats on any of these guys

SinfulColors Otaku Anime

I was otaku shoujo manga as a kid. Back in the 70's in Japan going into a stationary store was better than Disney, a chocolate sunday, and sleeping late all combined: from the paper to the erasers to the comics to the cute stuff it was endlessly fabulous. Endlessly. Then in 1974, Hello Kitty came along. (mind blown!)

Back to the polish!

This is a sheer bright yellow that feels almost cool and can pull greenish in some light. Not for the faint of heart.

Left to right:
  • Three coats alone
  • Two coats over white
  • Three coats alone
  • Two coats over white
I love it over white. Fresh, unique. I am not sure if it is geared as a layering polish, but it's perfect in that category.

SinfulColors Keira Blu

A bright blue that is also sheer, yet emboldened by the white it really pops, even better than my photo. This one might be similar to the concept of the Flight Patterns collection, however I can't do more than guess, since I didn't get the blue polish in my blog post here

Meanwhile, this is also able to be a topper, and seems to work more to its strength over white.

Left to right:
  • Three coats alone
  • Two coats over white
  • Three coats alone
  • Two coats over white

SinfulColors Sky Tree

Rich teal loaded with blue glass fleck. A real winner.

This has been dimmed a bit in my photo, but I wanted to get the blue glass fleck, a challenge to my camera and my skills I must say.

Three coats, lovely polish, for sure. I did get some staining around the edges of two coats. Putting it over white mitigated the staining. Semi yay because I alternated to see if it made a difference.

I did the same as the others:

Left to right:
  • Three coats alone
  • Two coats over white
  • Three coats alone
  • Two coats over white
I didn't find that the white made much difference at all, so insignificant, that I almost didn't add the fact that I'd layered it.

SinfulColors Pink Ansen over Otaku Anime

Pink Ansen is unusual, it fits right in with the street fashion theme.

There is tiny bar glitter and square glitter. Bar glitter seems to iridesce yellow and the square goes between a pearly pink and yellow. It reminds me of the Japanese cosmetic's company Addiction's latest offerings of pearly, glimmering eye shadows. 

Two coats of Pink Ansen over Otaku Anime (over white). Because the glitters are both translucent and yet still iridesce, they look like texture, but are not. Only normal glitter texture and minor at that.

I am liking the iridescent glitter, but over this light color, I couldn't bring out much shift. Over black it would be a party. I believe this would be better served over a deep jewel tone or black. Even a medium shade, but right here it's got that jagged street fashion feel to it. Disrupting the expected and in your face unusual. 

Fuji Fuji

Pretty silver holographic glitter in a clear base loaded with silver small glitter. This is two coats, I don't know if three coats would have enabled full coverage, the base is thick and it would be a wrestling match to get it to sponge on.

I think if you don't already have a holo glitter, this is a good fundamental. 

I did a jelly sandwich over black with a black jelly I frankened:

Same combination, two coats of Fuji Fuji. 

I will add that Fuji Fuji would be a good addition to a full coverage glitter that is all made up of small glitters. 

Here the jelly makes it more smokey and deeper. 

Maroon Fine

This is the only one that doesn't fall into a Street Fusion collection. It is, however a real favorite. It's a cinnabar that leans terra cotta packed with golden shimmer. A perfect storm of color and finish.

I have to admit it is much more of a spice shade that reminds me of something that would be in the India Street Fusion collection. 

Meanwhile, it's a beauty. No muss, no fuss, three coats and you are on your way!

This was sent to me by SinfulColors and so I didn't buy these myself.

You can see more about these collections at SinfulColors.com

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Sky tree is definitely the stand out here for me! I'm totally confused by maroon fine. Not only is the name inaccurate for the color, but this polish is just all wrong for the collection. It would be a better fall color of course with a name change.

    1. It is a stand out color for me in this collection, but you are right that it probably feels like autumn.



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