Thursday, June 11, 2015

Accidentally Bought Dupes

It is not hard to buy dupes, and I don't mean back ups, but that inadvertent "gotcha" feeling when you get home with a new polish, put it in the "to be filed" drawer, then discover that there is an exact replica, or one with such minor differences you just think "drat!"

Color Club Under Your Spell is from the Seven Deadly Sins collection from autumn 2014.

L'oreal Too Dimensional? is from their Gold Dust collection from autumn 2013.

This is just GREAT! Two polishes that I love. hahahahaahahahahahaahsfasf;!@$#$@! are the bottle comps:

Both are glass fleck of purple and a lot of gold with an addition of some hefty blurple glitter.

It can appear more blue than it is, and it's definitely purple.

Both are textures.

Here they are below:

(yes, because I became so excited by this post, I completely FORGOT to post what THE HECK was what!...eep!)

Left to right:
L'Oreal Too Dimensional?
Color Club Under Your Spell
L'Oreal Too Dimensional?
Color Club Under Your Spell

 Both are three coats, both dry to a glossy finish on me. I've seen blogger photos with more of a  matte look, but mine were both shine. I would say that the L'Oreal had more of an intense gold and stronger texture, but in truth, without knowing which is which, I really just couldn't tell them apart.

So you can see, darn near dupes.

I like both, and am not quite ready to part with them, although textures seem to be on the wane and not taking hold as yet "another finish alternative" like Holo and the newer multi chrome flakes or even flakies themselves.

I found the CC on Head2Toe Beauty's website, still available. L'oreal Too Dimensional? is on eBay and Amazon. I will note on the latter that pricing fluctuates between "shelf pull" reseller pricing and "hey this is VHTF!!!" types of sellers. So if you want that L'Oreal action you may want to snap it up before it does actually become hard to find. 

Meanwhile...thank you so much for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Which nail is painted with which polish?

  2. Cool! I can't remember if I ever got Too Dumensional or not, it was usually already all gone from the display. If not I could get the Color Club at Bed Bath and Beyond....thanks!

    1. Yeah, and the Color Club is just the same, maybe slightly less texture.


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