Monday, May 4, 2015

Those Blues, You Know....THOSE Blues!

I have so many of those purple-y blues that it's almost embarrassing that I've not blogged them much before!

Here are two I adore.

E.L.F. no name

I got this little dude on a blog sale. It's three coats here. There is a lovely frost quality that adds to it's beauty.
Normally I'd blanch at a frost, and I won't say that this one doesn't show a few brushstrokes, but this is where the story ends. It's gorgeous. Gorgeous I tell you!

I'm so bias, I love this color, so I'm almost worthless at being very critical at all.

Sephora X Formula A Little Sexy

A little more blue than purple, but periwinkle for sure. It's three coats and a soft pearly frost as well. 
Frost, that white sheen that reminds they eye of chilled winter mornings. This is like a clear sky on a winter day. 
Found this one at TJ Maxx, and I don't see it on the Sephora site. Normally these run $12.50.

Wax on I may, but dang, those blues!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Wow, someone else has that Elf! I found a bottle a year or two back at some place like Big Lots and was never able to find out anything more about it because it had no name! I loved the color and the watercolor cap so I bought it, and yes, it's a great purply-blue, just about perfect for spring! I'm so glad you showed it on your blog :).

    1. Isn't it a treat? I haven't got a clue about the collection it came from, but dang, isn't is nice!
      Some of my favorite polishes are these weird and obscure!


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