Saturday, May 2, 2015

Glitter Give and Take

Here are a pair of glitters that need an outing.

I've done something a little different: compared over white then over black. Hope you like!

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Glam Fest

This is a bit of a fake out, to be honest. Lots of small silver glitter and enough random multi-color glitter to make it all looks very glittery in the bottle, but on the nail I had to wrestle to get it on enough to make it look decent. This is four coats.
Plus the base in this one seems to possess that "base melting" capability.

Over black it feels more successful:

I still used four coats to achieve some coverage of the colorful glitter, though. Bummer.

I picked this up randomly at a Walgreens and it was on sale, because it's about $4.49 per bottle for this normally. Eep.

Sephora by OPI Spark-Tacular Top Coat

One coat over white!
Oh the win!
Dense enough to just spread things around with ease. Nice!

Here I put two coats over black. The silver is big enough to show some flash, and tie multi-color is a pretty party array of orange, yellow, fuchsia, blue and silver. Feels like a Fiesta.

Sephora by OPI wasn't on my list until they were discontinued and on sale at Sephora and on sale at Big Lots. Love the bottles, the colors and am glad I grabbed some! I may have purchased this when Sephora had bottles for about $4.50 or I got this when I found hundreds at Big Lots for $1.80.
Can't recall, but I think the former versus the latter.

On the whole, the Sephora won the day. 

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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