Saturday, April 11, 2015

Zoya Mystery Trio: Charlotte, Anais, and Severine

Back in January Zoya did a promo on their now-discontinued texture line of polishes that included a mystery trio.
I think the excitement was high that it would be spring colors, or something really surprising.
Now I won't say "great" because when it comes to polish "great" is in the eye of the beholder.

I received mine at the beginning of February with some textures, that have yet to be blogged.

To be honest, I was pretty excited by the mystery trio.

I ended up putting these at the end of the list for blogging, but here they are now.

All are three coats, no top coat.

Zoya Charlotte

Buttery formula that self leveled and is quite a delicious pale baroque golden yellow.

I really love this color.

Reminds me, vaguely, as though it belongs on the same 18th century palette as Nars Versailles (blogged here)
Might be hard to wear for the super pale, but it's really gorgeous. 

There was some mention on the MUA board on who this might be named after, but the closest was Charlotte Bronte, of course Charlotte Lucas is a bit of a retiring type, now firmly implanted in our minds as Mrs. Collins. Poor thing, dining at Rosings with carefully masked dread, I am sure.

Zoya Anais

Pretty black cream sprinkled with gold shimmer that is almost secret in nature, but because it is gold instead of something darker, you can see it more readily.

I think it is a perfectly nice black creme that is a lovely neutral. Although the runways are showing less solid black polish and more of these little layering/multi-shade nail art abstractions, this is a good staple. 
If you like black or vamp polish, don't do a lot of layering, then this might fill the bill.

Of course Anais Nin is the one name that comes to mind. She is laughing on her little cloud in the stratosphere at our modern mainstream versions of erotica. So shoddily written I won't promote it with a name, but you get my drift.

Zoya Severine

This is a gorgeous "cool blonde" of a polish. Again, reminds me of Nars Versailles inasmuch as it has such a subtle touch.
There isn't much to say except that I really love this kind of gold.
It's really a neutral, like a camel coat.

Severine, well if you've ever seen the seminal Bunuel film (imagine a tilde over the "n" in Bunuel, pretty please) starring Catherine Deneuve you will see that it matches her soft golden hair. She really gives a compelling performance as you wonder at the ideations in such a sweet, docile little wife.

I did look on Zoya's site for these polishes and I don't see them when I do a search.

These feel very much like modern twists on old classics. While not super new, and probably if I look hard I can find a similar shade to Severine, I like the formula and its ease of use. 

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I got this promo trio..I know some didn't love it..I figured it was free and limited etc, those things tend to pull me in :D. I did like Anais :)

  2. Charlotte intrigues me. I skipped this promo because I had all the textures I wanted from them already; sort of wishing I hadn't now.

    1. I agree that of the three Charlotte is the most unique. Severine feels like I've got something similar already and the black, well, not that exciting for me.


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