Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Three China Glaze Shimmers In A Long Need Of A Blogging

A random assortment of reds from when I was first getting into nail polish and read blogs and had a list a mile long. Never swatched until now, what, why? Well, no excuses, just going forward!

All are three coats and no top coat.

China Glaze Vertical Rush

Beautiful cool ruby red with a pink shimmer and a smattering of purple shimmer tossed in for good measure. If you enlarge this photo you can see what I am talking about, it's very interesting!

This came out in the China Glaze Ski collection, but I am not sure which year. I used to look at Head2Toe beauty's website and page through the old collections, look at blogs and make lists. While my lists are shorter and my collection is larger, I still love H2T website. (Highly rated on my Where I Get It page)
Now that I think about it, I probably got all of these at H2T's site.

Shimmer-tastic. I love the pink, red and purple going on in this polish. 

China Glaze Short & Sassy

From the rather epic Retro Diva collection that came out in 2009.

Deep burgundy that leans into the wine  with a beautiful deep delicious shimmer. I've seen it called cranberry and garnet. I think it's more into a wine shade. It's no longer on the official China Glaze site.

Fairly generic color with a number of dupe-y versions out there, but still, it's quite a gorgeous polish.

China Glaze Thunderbird

Beautiful garnet red shimmer. Lovely light and deep shimmer. 

As with Short & Sassy above, this, too, came from the Retro Diva Collection, which is all over eBay at a decent price point. It's also available at some etailer's sites.

Here is a comparison, although more for relative shade comparison because they are really nothing like dupes.

Left to right:
China Glaze Vertical Rush
China Glaze Short & Sassy
China Glaze Thunderbird

Of the three, I have to say that I love Vertical Rush, however they are all very beautiful.

Thanks for reading my nail polish journal!


  1. I had to look at my spreadsheet to make sure I had Vertical Rush--I do, so that's a good thing because otherwise it was going on my wish list. :)

  2. Each one of these is as gorgeous as the next. I want all three!

    1. They have nice formulas, too, which is always a win! :D

  3. Vertical rush was just added to my cart, thanks.

  4. https://thepolishgarden.wordpress.com/china-glaze-collections-list/

    Per this great site, Ski Collection was Winter 2007.


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