Saturday, March 28, 2015

Illamasqua's Potpourri

I'm speaking of Illamasqua Melange of course.

Muted mint green creme base with glass fleck red and gold in a dense, beautiful combination that makes this polish feel very complex.

The formula is quite gorgeous, as is every Illa I've used. 

Three coats, no top coat, very easy to use. I wore this for three days after I did the manicure and it was just lovely, wore like iron. 

This feels like a tweed suit of a polish, but with flair, like a springtime Chanel suit.  Extremely lovely and yet almost reserved.

Here's a macro:

Often when red and green are paired, they consume each other, but this red reads almost russet and the gold adds depth to the mix.

A true favorite.

I found mine on eBay for a normal price and it's still available there. I don't know who sells Illa in the US any more, nor do I know if they ship to the US. There have been some tricky things going on with mailing polish internationally and I'm not completely up to date. Recently they had some Illa at a special sale at Hautelook, which was full of some great basics ( I wonder if it was just the end of the line for some retailers, boohoo).

Meanwhile. This is a super fave of mine. 

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I like this, may have to pick it up. I got some from Sephora back in the day, now of course thru blog sale or ebay....


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