Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Maybelline Mirror Image Redux

I'd blogged Maybelline Mirror Image here and feel like it needed a proper outing with some ridge filler to smooth it the base out.
Many people utilize this type of chrome polish over the top of a previous mani, but I find that sometimes my older manis are just too imperfect, even by day's end to really be assured of a super smooth base for a mirror-like finish.

I've slowed down the ISO on my camera and worked on better detail. Skin tone is still a mystery. I'm also using bracketing to help with exposure.

To the pix!

This pulls a bit warm, this is, unequivocally a silver polish, but it looks like it's beige. It is not.

Super loved this mani.

It did not last much longer than the end of the day.

On one hand I did top coat only. On the other hand I used top coat, then went over it with Mirror Image to help keep that crisp chrome finish. Neither really helped much.

All photos are pre top coat.

I'd say the top coat as the last layer did a bit better, but it felt like it lost that sandblasted look to it.

It's not a pure mirror finish, but it really had a lot of impact, I really enjoyed it a lot.

As you can see compared to the previous outing, it really has a knack for looking sharp with the ridge filler.

The aqua base helped, a ton, too. ;D

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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